The Archive Warehouse Ltd. is part of the Share and Debenture Trust Ltd., a privately owned company that has been trading profitably for over 100 years.


The Archive Warehouse operates from a state of the art secure offsite document storage facility in Rainham which gives fast access into London and to the motorway networks. Substantial investment has been made in the environment in which our clients records are stored as we believe in treating them as if they were our own. The facility is monitored 24 hours a day with CCTV covering all outside and inside areas. Intruder and Fire alarm system are linked to the local police station and fire services giving our clients the up most confidence their documents are safe.


At the Archive Warehouse we offer two distinct pricing models to our clients.

The first is a traditional tariff offering itemized prices for monthly box or file storage, and per item charges for handling, delivery, destruction, scanning, card board boxes etc.

The second offers our clients simplicity of invoicing and certainty of budgeting. Following an initial file audit we will use our experience to offer an all-inclusive per box price. This all-inclusive price covers all handling, physical delivery or scan on demand, indexing as well as the box or file storage – all subject to a fair usage policy.

Reducing storage costs – through collaboration

By working together with you we believe we can substantially reduce your document storage and retrieval costs. This is a strong statement, but one which we believe we can live up to. We can help identify documents and files that could be destroyed, documents held in expensive office space that could be moved offsite and documents that are unlikely ever need to be accessed which can go into cheaper deep storage. Where necessary we can procure legal or regulatory advice to give clients confidence in their digitization or document retention policies.

Whilst this collaborative approach will reduce our income in the short term, we know that looking after our clients’ interests is in our long term interests too. This point is impressed on all staff.

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