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Document scanning services continues to gain popularity and credibility across all areas of business as the benefits towards security, confidentiality and expenditure become apparent.

If you are looking for fast access to your documents which you then want to distribute among multiple staff who may be in different locations, why not try the modern approach to Records Management. At The Archive Warehouse we are flexible to our customers’ requirements and it is our mission to make the document scanning process as simple as possible. Our back scanning or on demand scanning services will put you in full control of your documents.

Service Overview

Scan on demand
Our scan on demand service enables our clients to utilise our Records Management services to its full potential. With your documents securely stored in our facility, we can locate, scan and send your requested document using our scan on demand service. This service is offered as a same day or next day service along with fast track option for emergency requests and is delivered through our secure online portal.


  • Your documents never leave our secure facility.
  • Request document to be scanned and made available to who you want, when you want.
  • Save time and money on your retrieval requests.
  • Keep your scanned version and reduce your hard copy inventory with our destruction service.


Scheduled Scanning
Our scheduled scanning service can be tailored to allow our clients to order a regular scanning service which best suits their business requirements. Working closely with our clients we realised that there was an overall trend pointing towards a more regular and flexible scanning service. At the Archive Warehouse we can facilitate all frequency of collections. You may require a quarterly, monthly, weekly or even a daily collection of documents for scanning. This service is generally used by clients who want to ensure their newest documents are available in a digital format.


  • A reduced unit price based on regular scanning volumes.
  • Newest documents always available online.
  • Data is backed up.
  • Time and cost savings in sharing information.


Bulk Scanning
The term 'bulk scanning' is often referenced when discussing a large quantity of images for scanning. This service is used by our clients when they have a substantial amount of documents to be scanned. Bulk scanning is seen as giving the best economy of scale to clients working towards a paperless office.


  • Cheapest available unit price per image.
  • Documents scanned at optimum frequency.
  • Drive your business towards a paperless office.

To find out more about the scanning services of The Archive Warehouse, simply call us on 01708 871 223 or request more information via email.

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